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    $250 Solar Referral Partner Program!

    Highlight Solar is pleased to announce its new referral partner program. The program is open to everyone — with $250 cash bonus when a referral results in a new customer solar installation.

    With a partner’s first referral, when the referred customer’s solar system is installed, the partner receives a $250 cash bonus. After a first referral installation, every additional referral from the partner earns a $250 referral fee upon installation of a solar system. A referral partner does need to be a Highlight Solar previous or current customer to qualify for the referral bonuses.

    Approximately 20 percent of Highlight Solar’s business comes from referrals. New solar customers are eager to share their newfound electric bill savings with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Green enthusiasts love to talk solar energy, whether or not they are purchasing a PV system for themselves. In both cases, as referral partners, each are rewarded for conversations about “going green” with a solar installation by Highlight Solar makes immediate financial sense for homeowners who have an average electric bill of $150 or more; a credit score of 620 or higher; along with an un-shaded area on their roof or property where solar can be constructed for maximum sunray collection year-round.

    To become a Highlight Solar referral partner, a person signs up for the program by filling the contact us fields below (name, home address, email address, phone #). There are two ways to refer new customers:

    Have the person contact Highlight Solar directly via the website “Contact Us” page or call us at (866) 926-9997. The person needs to provide the referral partner’s name during the initial phone call or in the “comments” field of the website contact form.

    If the person has agreed to be contacted, the referral partner may go to the Highlight Solar website “Contact Us” page and provide the referral’s contact information and include their name in the “comments” field of the website contact form.

    A referral is defined as a new customer, who signs a contract for a new solar installation, and once installation is complete, a referral fee or bonus item is delivered.

    We’ve been very fortunate to see tremendous growth over the past few years, and we have both our customers and solar supporters to thank for this success. At Highlight Solar we ask our customers to spread the word about their monthly savings. Yet, solar doesn’t work in every situation. We always encourage those who choose not to move forward with a solar project to still spread the word about Highlight Solar – a contractor who provided them quality information, yet didn’t try to sell them on solar when it didn’t make financial sense. It’s only fitting to design a rewarding referral partner program for everyone.

    Free Site Inspection

    Highlight Solar professional solar installation team have extensive experience and will build your solar electric system to our highest standards throughout the San Francisco Bay Area & Northern California. We know every home solar electric energy requirements are different, so we will start by talking with you about your renewable energy needs and project goals. We will review your historical electrical usage and evaluate your home solar electric system based on the total amount of sunlight it receives throughout the day and the amount of available roof space.


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      We are the top rated Bay Area solar installer on Yelp, Google Reviews and Better Business Bureau. We have received the Solar Power World Top 500 Solar Contractors award in the US. Highlight Solar is your ideal partner for solar battery and clean renewable energy. We also install high quality pool solar collectors that can double your swimming season!