An Insight Into Solar Electric Systems

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Solar electric systems use solar energy to generate electricity. This electric energy is used for the appliances at your home/office. Today with vast researches it’s clear that the use of solar energy is not only beneficial to your pockets but also to our environment. There are various types of solar utility grids, hence, here we discuss two types of solar power systems: –

A. ‘Grid-tie solar system’, i.e., as the name says stays in connection to the grid. These system composites of solar panels and inverter. They can only operate when the utility grid is on. But, when the utility grid fails, the system can’t generate electricity without any power backup. 

B. ‘Off-grid solar system’, or disconnected to the grid. These system composites of solar panels, a battery, and a charge controller. These systems don’t require any power backup if it is to provide for DC loads only. These systems are more expensive for both the initial solar installation and maintenance costs.

Choosing a solar power system can be very tough as it involves several factors that require to be carefully analyzed:

Though, a solar panel can be considered to be a good long-term investment, but, its initial cost of solar panel installation and cost of hiring solar panel installers, etc. are pretty steep.

Hence, complete knowledge of your requirements is crucial.

Calling a vendor for evaluation seems to be convenient. But, it brings in another list of dilemmas: –


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